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Thrilling Adventures For Everyone

Voss has a long lasting reputation for being an outdoor minded, activity driven town, with a strong community surrounding sports, the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle.

We aspire to uphold that reputation by providing you with the opportunity to experience a part of that culture for yourself.

 Whether you're after the adrenaline rush of a guided trip down the local rivers with the help of our experienced guides, or perhaps a more relaxed canoe fishing trip around the lake sounds more suitable to you. You can try out windsurfing, paddle boarding and loads more. Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness the natural beauty that Voss has to offer and connect with nature in this unique way.


Guided river trips

Suitable for everyone, from beginners who've never been in the river before, to intermediate kayakers looking to improve their skills.
You can choose between the half day or the full day trip to get a taste of the fun or go straight for the two day introductory course where you'll learn about safety and responsibility in the rivers, how to maneuver your kayak efficiently in the currents, how to eskimo roll and much more! Upon completing the course, you'll receive the Våttkort Level 1 kayakers certificate.

Canoe Lake Tours

If you'd rather enjoy a chilled day by the lake, then taking the canoe could be the perfect option for you!
Safe, easy to use and children friendly the canoe lake trips is a popular choice! You also have the option of using our fishing equipment for FREE and trying your luck with the local trout, or hiring a private guide to show you around the area.


SUP Yoga

Enjoy the tranquility of a Sunday morning under the skies of Vangsvatnet Lake in our weekly class led by Ylva, our experienced and certified yoga instructors and founder of Vossyoga.


The class consists of Vinyasa Yoga sequences with sun salutations on SUP-Yoga boards that flow into breathing techniques, balance postures, lengthening and strengthening poses, and even a little play time on the boards in the end of the lesson. Don’t’ worry about drifting away, your big, stable Yoga-board will have an anchor and we will be practicing on still, calm water. Ylva gives varieties of every yoga pose, so that everyone can push themselves to where they feel comfortable.

Activities: Tour Packages
Lake Activities

For those looking for a more relaxing experience, our guided lake tours offer you the chance to soak in the peace and tranquility that surrounds Voss lake and it's shores.  Our handmade canoe and rowboat are two of our most popular choices for those looking to explore the lake and perhaps enjoy some fishing.   


Wakeboarding - Water Skiing

Wake's on! You now finally have the option to go wakeboarding, water skiing and kneeboarding on Vangsvatnet lake. 

Join us ever Saturday morning 10:00 am for our weekly trips or gather your friends and book yourselves a private session to enjoy the lake all to yourselves. 



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