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Half Day River Kayak Trip

Price: 990 kr *

Difficulty: very easy

Location: Vosso River

The half day trips are perfect for anyone looking to explore the beautiful surroundings of Voss while traveling down Vosso river. The trip is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, with the main focus being on having fun and becoming comfortable on the water.

Guided River Trips: Tourpakete

Full Day River Kayak Trip

Price: 1490 kr *

Difficulty: easy-average

Location: Raundalselva River

This trip is suitable for both beginners and for those with some previous kayaking experience. Here, we focus on learning/ practicing maneuvers in a lagoon (big eddie), before beginning our descent down Raundalselva. The river has a natural progression which is perfect for gradually becoming more comfortable on the water.


Two-Day White Water Introductory Course

Price: 3190 kr *

Difficulty: easy-average

Location: Raundalselva & Strandaelva

In the Two-day introductory course you'll learn about safety and responsibility in the rivers, how to maneuver your kayak efficiently in the currents, how to eskimo roll and much more! Upon completing the course you'll receive the Våttkort Level 1 kayakers certification card.

Guided River Trips: Tourpakete

River StandUp Paddle Boarding

Price: 890 kr *

Difficulty: easy

Location: Vosso River

Explore Voss and its nature while travelling down the local river on a paddle board. A fun and safe activity well suited for everyone looking to get a little bit active.

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