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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

From 250 kr

Try out our inflatable SUPs from RED Paddles, a brilliant way to explore the outdoors and get active in nature.

You can either choose to hire one of our guides to lead you down Vosso the local river, or simply rent the paddle boards and explore the lake for yourselves. Expect to fall, expect to get wet and most importantly, expect to have fun!


Canoe Scenic Tour

From 550 kr 

*Based on 1-3 people

The Canoe Scenic Lake Tour is ideal for those looking to enjoy a chilled day by the lake. Safe, easy to use and children friendly the canoe lake trips are a popular choice!


Rowboat trip

From 1490 kr

*Based on 1-6 people

You now have the opportunity to rent our beautiful, handmade rowing boat to explore the lake. Safe, family friendly and appropriate for all ages! Our boat trip is just a great activity for the entire family to enjoy a great day by the lake! You also have the option for a guided trip if you'd rather sit back and enjoy the view. Nevertheless you're sure to have a great time!

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