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Our Responsibilities

As an outdoor activities company, we believe it is imperative that we focus on having as little impact on  nature as possible. In order to do this, we have introduced a reward scheme in which our customers are able to receive prizes for any litter collected while out on the lake.

Reward Scheme


The reward scheme only applies to Voss Flow customers. For more information about the #TaAnsvar initiative and how the Reward Scheme works please contact us at

200 gr

Free Coffee

Once you've gathered 200 grams of litter collected from nature, we'll by you a coffe or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.

500 gr

Free T-Shirt

Once you've gathered 500 grams of litter collected from nature, you'll receive a free Voss Flow  t-shirt of your choice.


Free Full Day Rental

Once you've gathered one kilo of litter collected from nature, you'll receive a free rental coupon for either a SUP or a kayak of your choice for the entire day. 

Grand Winner

Free River Kayak Trip

Whoever collects the greatest amount of litter by the end of the season will be given the opportunity to take two friends with them for a free full day river kayak trip.

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